Linguistics Applied

International Journal of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

A submitted paper is first reviewed by the editors. This review is prelimilary and if a text is accepted by the editors it is sent to two reviewers for double blind reviews.
The review must state one of the following:
- the paper may be accepted for publication as is;
- the paper may be accepted for publication but minor revisions are required;
- the paper needs major revisions;
- the paper should be rejected. 

up to 2 weeks - a paper is reviewed by the editors and the author is informed if it's accepted for the
                         reviewing process or whether it still needs revision
up to 3 months - a paper is with two reviewers
up to 2 weeks -  authors revise a paper according to reviewers' suggestions
up to 2 weeks -  typesetting the manuscript
up to 1 week -    galley proofs of papers are emailed to authors, who are asked to check/add final
                           corrections to their manuscript
up to 1 week -    final corrections are added to the manuscript and the whole volume is sent to the
                           publishing house

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